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*** Please Tell Your Servers If You Have Any Food Allergy ***
All dishes can be ordered to eat-in or take-out.
Order can be placed by phone or email.
Order is only accepted when full payment is made and you receive our confirmation.

Com ga Hoi An - Whole Chicken Rice

Served with green papaya salad. Good for party of 5 or more.
$180 | Pre-order 1 day.

Suckling Pig

Whole roasted pig, stuffted with wild rice, jus au viande.
$850 | Pre-order 2 week.

Whole Roasted Turkey

Stuffed with bread pudding & fresh Foie Gras.
$650 | Pre-order 1 week.

Whole Pork Rack

Roasted with herb, white wine jus.
$360 for whole rack.
Pre-order 1 day.

Whole Roasted Lamb Legs

Pepper sauce.
$210 | Pre-order 1 day.

Whole Slow Baked Salmon Fillet

Choice of ginger sauce or veloute . Good for party of 5 or more.
$250 | Pre-order 1 day.

Whole Beef Wellington

Baked triple A tenderloin beef, puff pastry, duxelles, Black Forest ham, peppercorn sauce.
Full Order: $800   |   Half Order: $400   |   Pre-order 2 days.