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*** Please Tell Your Servers If You Have Any Food Allergy ***
Any subsitutions or modifications will be politely declined.


Starting from Wednesday May 13, 2020, we will open again to provide only takeout services to our customers.
Currently, these are available items for our takeout menu.
To place your order, please call us at 604-559-4668. Our business hours are Wednesday - Sunday from 11AM - 8PM.

Goi Cuon - Salad Roll

Made in house preserved pork, vermicelli, lettuce, fresh herbs.

Nem - Spring Roll

Shrimp, pork, wood-ear mushroom, glass noodles.

Spicy Baguette Sticks

Chicken & pork liver pate, hot sauce, fried shallot.
Minimum order 3 sticks - $3.00 each

Red Beet Salad

Roasted beet roots, dijon dressing, parmesan shaving, candied pecans.

Lamb Chop

Pepper sauce.
Minimum order 4 chops - $8.99 each

Chicken Liver

Sautéed chicken liver in creamy dijon mustard sauce.

Red Shrimp

Wild Argentina spot prawns with garlic and butter.
0.5lb of prawn - $24.00     |     1lb of prawn - $46.00


House made brioche buns, triple A patty, onion jam, fresh green, hand cut fries.

Chicken Fricassee

Chicken legs, tomato confit, preserved lemon.

Bun Cha

Pork meatballs, spring rolls, vermicelli, fresh herbs, fish sauce.

Pho Bo

Beef noodle soup with braised beef flank and rice noodles.
Mini Size - $9.00    |    Regular size - $14.99
   - 3.5oz of Rare Beef - $8.00
   - Bone Marrows - $4.50
   - Extra beef flank - $5.00
   - Extra Broth - $5.00
   - Extra noodle: Full size - $1.00    |    Half size - $0.50

Side Order

Side Salad - $6.00
Side Fries - $6.00